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Assembled solid wood boards give birth to a table that links the past to the present.
The chance of having the natural irregularity of wooden boards on the edge of the table amplifies that pleasent warm sansation even in a modern ambience.


Tree edge cirmolo

Cirmolo grows in the Alps up to 2500mt. Its positive effect
on the human being is well known since a long time.
Its properties hail from the its essential oil given off by the wood.
Its precious essence allows relaxation and slows down the heartbeat:
our heart saves energy and gets old slower.


Square edge rovere & Cementine

The simplicity and the accuracy of the squared oak edge collide with the vivacity
of “cementine”, creating a perfect union that results in a table out of the ordinary world.
“Cementine”, which are a typical tiles of Salento dating back to the end of 1800 th,
remind us the Mediterranean atmosphere, and they export liveliness
of South Italy colours all around the world.


For other essences require a quote

icon-quadrosquare edge

icon-piantatree edge

natural solid cirmolo
tobacco solid cirmolo
cocoa solid cirmolo
natural solid rovere
tobacco solid rovere
natural solid walnut


The variety and the distribution of “cementine”
is random for each table.

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